Advisory Council

Advisory Councils

The School Board of Education has a sincere commitment to the concept
of citizen involvement in the Buncombe County Schools.  They believe
that the people want good schools, that they have reasonable ideas
about the things the schools should do and that they are willing to
help the schools attain established goals. A purpose of the advisory
structure is to provide informed advice to the school authorities.

Each elementary school Advisory Council is to be made up of the following

1. PTO president
2. One teacher elected by the school's teachers
3. Three lay people approved by the Board of Education from a pool of
applicants based upon recommendation from the principal.
4. The school principal, as an ex-officio member, shall be the
secretary and record the minutes.  The minutes will be sent to the
Superintendent and the Superintendent's office shall forward the
minutes to the Board of Education.
Advisory Council Dates / Times / Locations

October 15 - 6 pm @ Owen High School 
December 9 - 3 pm @ Weaverville Primary School (Conference Rm.)
March 2 - 8:15 am @ Weaverville Primary School (Conference Rm.)
May 4 - 3 pm @ Weaverville Primary School (Conference Rm.)

Advisory Council Members

Stephen Chandler, Principal
Jennifer Banks, PTO President
Heather Gast, Teacher Representative
Nicole Joanson, Parent Representative
Molly Mesibov, Parent Representative
Tracy Bannow, Parent Representative