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NC School Report Cards

When you look at Weaverville Primary’s NC Report Card, you will notice that it contains limited information.  This is because WPS is a K-1 school and proficiency scores / grades are based on End of Grade tests that begin in grade 3.  Weaverville Primary is linked with Weaverville Elementary in that our students feed into WES.  I’m proud to share that Weaverville Elementary earned a great state report card last year.  They met expected growth and outperformed the state and county averages with a proficiency score of 74 (grade B) in math and 75 (grade B) in reading with an overall proficiency score of 75 (grade B).  We are proud of Weaverville Elementary for their academic achievement and growth as well as WPS’s part in building a solid foundation for our students.

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Weaverville Primary School