Student with her brand new scooter she won at the scoot to school event.

Students at Weaverville Primary School (WPS) are walking, riding the bus or car, and now scooting to school. 

As a way to help answer parent questions about their children’s routines, behaviors, habits and relationships, counselors and Principal Nicholas Honeycutt created a unique event to help meet those needs. The school hosted the first Scoot to School event at the beginning of March. Parents and students got to enjoy breakfast that morning before school. Two lucky students won a brand new scooter that was purchased by funds raised from community partners. A panel of teachers, counselors and administrators later met with the parents to answer questions they had. 

“Our CHAPS (Child Help and Parent Support) team developed questions based on survey feedback to parents that would be asked of the panel of experts,” Mr. Honeycutt said. “We love seeing parents in our school and we have found morning time, around breakfast, is the best time. Parents love to walk their child into school and enjoy a small breakfast with them. I think this shows the strength of our school community. We have a great partnership with families and always work to continue strengthening that. We want parents to always feel welcome at our school.”

As for more events like this, Mr. Honeycutt is optimistic this could become a tradition for the school. He says this is just one small way to strengthen the WPS community. 

“We feel this is important to provide support to our school families,” he said. “The greatest partnership in a school is the parents. Our goal is to support families where they need it and want it. We hope to do a very similar event next fall, closer to the start of the school year.”

Parents listening and engaging with the panelists.

Parents and students engaging with one another during breakfast.