Dr Jackson playing tea time with a K student

Dr. Rob Jackson spent a day in Blackhawk country with a full day of Listening and Learning at Weaverville Primary. Some history of the school:

The original Weaverville Primary School was built in 1921 as Weaverville Union School (Grades 1-11). The high school children were moved to the newly constructed Reems Creek High School in 1927. The school added four classrooms in 1936 and doubled in size in 1956 with the construction of a cafeteria/classroom building. The school further expanded in 1964 with the construction of two classrooms and an administration addition, followed by the construction of six classrooms and a library addition in 1976. The original portion of the school was demolished in 1988 and replaced by a gymnasium/classroom addition. Two temporary classrooms were added to the site in 1990. The present school site encloses approximately five acres, including recreational facilities that are shared with the Weaverville community. Weaverville Primary School is now a kindergarten-first grade school with approximately 215 students and 46 staff members!

“I love working at the only K-1 school in Buncombe County,” said Principal Nicholas Honeycutt. “What a great opportunity to focus on small kids and get them started on the path of truly loving school and education. We have great community friends and partnerships that support our school. We are able to walk up the street to the public library every other week. It's a great place to be a kid! We get to promote a fun atmosphere while focusing on academics, emotions, and becoming better friends. I often share that the most unique thing about our school is the opportunity to get to know each child and family so well. We have an active PTO and many parents volunteer to help work at our school; it builds a strong school-home partnership. Staff not only welcome children to our school but also their families.”