Students pose in front of new Little Library

Weaverville Primary (WP) school has added a new community resource - a Little Library! This new fixture, located outside WP’s gates, will offer kids and families an opportunity to explore different genres of books.

“We were reading a book called ‘A Library of Our Own’ and it was showing us the importance of having books in learning. So we decided to follow along and get our own Little Library,” said 1st grader Harrison.

“We tested some of the books,” said first-grader Cora. Each student wrote a short review of the books they read and colored in 1-5 “Hawks”, the school’s mascot, to rate them. The students felt that reviewing the books may help them resonate more with the community. Additionally, teachers will be able to donate books from their classroom libraries to this project.

“We always have extra books, especially when teachers clean out classrooms,” said Jason Powell, 1st grade teacher and builder of the Little Library. “We thought, how awesome to have something for the kids of the community to be able to come to? We can have a library 24/7. I sent out letters home asking for materials and we got many donations!”

At the unveiling of the library, students hummed with excitement, taking turns stocking it with almost 300 books. Picture books, chapter books, board books, and other children’s reading materials filled its shelves.

“We’re a rare breed of school, to be so close to the community,” said Mr. Powell, referring to Weaverville Primary’s close proximity to downtown Weaverville. “I think it’s just one more thing we can do to get kids excited about reading and to share with the community. This way, the books won’t go to waste, and it fits into our reading program so well.”

A golden binder labeled “Guest Book” is included in the Little Library so that those who take the books can record their names and where they’re from.

Girl puts books into Little Library

Students inspect new Little Library

girl puts books into Little Library